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Shade Structures can provide shade and sun protection over playground equipment, bleachers, concession areas, pool decks, parking lots, water parks, and any other outdoor gathering places. Our commercial Cafe Umbrella, large market umbrellas, and offset shade umbrellas are perfect at a resort, pool, restaurant, dining, and hotels. All our commercial umbrellas feature a cantilever offset support with patented crank mechanism for fast and easy opening and closing as outdoor dining covers, restaurant umbrellas, pool umbrellas, or resort and hotel market umbrellas.

Auto Dealerships, School Yards, Churches, Cabanas, Baseball Fields, Soccer Associations, Swimming Pools, Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Car Washes, Shade Screens, and even window awnings are just a few of the applications where Shade Screen Material can be used.



If you need some shade from the sun or if you are interested in getting a sun setter then our team are here to help you to achieve all of that and more. We understand that when you need shade from the sun, you don’t want to break the bank, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on something that isn’t going to work either. Our team will prevent all of that from happening by making sure that you know about the product you are purchasing as well as knowing how we can help you to achieve everything you have always wanted. With years of experience in the industry and a workforce who will always do their best to surpass your every expectation, you know that there has never been a better time for you to get a sun setter and we are here to help you make your decision. If you are uncertain about your choice, or if you don’t quite know if there is one available to suit your needs, we are here to help. Of course, if you have a sun setter already but you want to upgrade then that is not a problem for us, and we are here to help you if you aren’t comfortable with the work your previous provider has done as well. If you want to find out more about our sun setter services, then please do get in touch with us today. Our team would be more than happy to help you, and we are very excited to show you why we are the number one provider around. We can’t wait to take your call and we are very happy to show you why we are the best at what we do. You can contact us by phone or by email.