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Solid adhesion and proper surface preparation makes our paint treatment perfect.The metal is cleaned to insure perfect adhesion. The metal to be refinished is given a negative charge, while the coating is given a positive charge . The coating is pulled to the metal surface by the magnetic field, ensuring that the new coating dries to a beautiful finish.

Saving You Money

Refinishing rather than replacing will save tremendously in remodeling costs. This is not your ordinary paint job; this is a chemical coated finish system. Electrostatic Paint coating wraps around the item to be painted so all areas are covered. Therefore protecting them from corrosion. Wraps because it applied with a circular motion not a spray and magnetically attracted to the metal.


How it works

Electrostatic painting creates a uniform and durable finish on metal and usually without sags, runs, drips and bubbles which can occur with traditional paint methods. This painting technique uses the principal of "opposites attract" to adhere to every kind of metal. Electrostatic painting process is simple in concept and operation. The part to be finished is electrically grounded. When applied, the charged paint is attracted to the grounded surface to insure a proper coating. It's much better than conventional spraying and it's an environmentally friendly process because there are no solvents to evaporate into the air or go down the drain.
We have a 98% transfer efficient rate.