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How to Measure for Your Retractable Awning

Having the proper measurements is critical for the proper installation of your Sunair retractable awning. To insure a proper installation, we recommend having a JC Awning professional installer measure your awning area. However, if you wish to take your own measurements, please follow these steps.

Step - 1 | Determine the width of the awning (A). This requires a clear span, with no obstructions. The awning needs to be mounted on a continuous uninterrupted plane. Be sure that light fixtures or down spouts are not in the way.

Step - 2 | Determine the awning mount area (B). Although the awning brackets require a minimum of 8" (inches) to mount , you should allow additional space below the awning for proper operation of any awning. The awning will require a total of 12" (inches) of space to function properly.

Step - 3 | Determine height for the awning brackets (C). A minimum of 7'6" is required from the deck or patio to the top of the mounting space (C).

Step - 4 | Check the clearance (D). Make sure you have a minimum of 10 inches from the top of any door openings and the bottom of the awning brackets.

Step - 5 | Select the projection that best suits your needs (E).

What do I do next?

In order to proceed further please phone the number below and we will arrange a convenient time to contact you. Our friendly representative will check measurements and installation details while you choose your fabric. If you chose to order we will then arrange for installation generally within 3 business weeks of your order. You should place your order directly with our awning representative, who will be happy to answer any qestions you may have.

Just Call: 1-914-937-0902

Which style of awning do I want?

Our line of Retractable awnings come in 5 styles to suit any application or budget. If in doubt as to what model or option will best suit you, our representatives can help you decide.

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