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Syncronized Solar Screens at Wing Foot Golf Club

An attractive screening solution.

Retractable solar screens are designed to protect your home or business against heat gain and also to filter out UV. The screens can also be used for additional privacy. They can be installed on either the interior or exterior of your structure.

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What are Retractable Solar Screens?

Available in different colors, designs, and styles to suit your home decor, Solar screens give you shade, privacy. filter the light while reducing UV and harmful rays from entering your living space. Fabrics used for the screens include PVC coated polyester and fibreglass in open weave patterns as well as a range of awning fabrics. For exterior applications a cassette or head box is used to store the screen when it is not in use, preventing damage from occurring and prolonging the life of your screen. There are different options available for operating them, such as a pull chain, a hand crank, or they can be motorized to make using the screens as simple as pushing a button. If you opt to motorise your solar screen, you may be able to fit sensors which will automatically lower and raise the screens depending on the amount of sunlight there is.


Exterior screens have the advantage of stopping the heat before it has a chance to enter your home or business.



Interior screens are ideal for reducing fading on furniture, carpets, and window treatments, for additional privacy, and also for stopping that annoying sun glare from entering the home (such as the glare that makes it practically impossible to watch TV!).

For more information about Solar Screens: Solar_Screens.pdf