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If you own or manage a business in New York and Connecticut and you’re seeking ways to save money (and who isn’t these days), consider commercial storefront awnings and commercial window awnings from JC Awning. In fact, commercial awnings can actually help to make you money as well as save you money.

Commercial Awnings from JC Awning
Will Pay for Themselves by…

Eliminating Your Need for Signage. Your commercial awnings can be painted and lettered with your name, your logo and your tagline. Our professionally designed and applied graphics can transform your storefront awnings or window awnings into eye-stopping billboards.

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Increasing Your Visibility. Your window awning or storefront awning can be lighted from the front or dramatically backlit so that your business can be seen from a distance and easily found by customers even at night.

Boosting Your Curb Appeal. Research has proven that a good-looking storefront or entrance increases customer traffic and helps drive business.

Cutting Repair Costs. Storefront awnings and window awnings protect your building exteriors, windows and doors, saving you money on repairs and upkeep.

Sheltering Your Customers… encouraging them to do business with you during all seasons and all kinds of weather.

Sheltering Your Employees… generating their goodwill and reducing risks of falls and other accidents.

Saving on Utility Costs. Commercial awnings help to reduce your energy usage and help you to cut your heating and cooling expenses!

Adding Value to Your Property. This means money in your pocket at time of resale.

JC Awning is a full service operation offering extensive pre-manufacturing commercial awning capabilities. Our team will conceptualize your project requirements for awnings, banners, shades, displays and graphics with the use of renderings, detail drawings and prototypes.