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Frequently Asked Questions

The arms aren’t straight when its fully extended, is that right?

The arms are designed to remain at an angle when fully extended, this is for extra stability.

Can I convert manual to electric at a later stage?

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to convert a manual awning into a electric, please purchase an electric version (you can operate using a winder and remote control)-.

Is it possible to remove the winder handle off the awning?

Yes, you can unhook the winder handle and store it when not in use.

The fabric is sagging, how can I solve this problem?

Check and make sure the awning isn’t over extended (the fabric will feed from the bottom of the roller if you over extend the awning and the fabric will sag. The fabric should always feed from the top of the roller.)
Manual version
The fabric is not tight enough. Make sure the fabric is rolled tightly on the metal roller.
Electric version

My awning doesn’t retract back in properly, what can I do?

Check and make sure the arms are levelled.

My awning doesn’t seem to project or retract anymore when I press a button on the remote control zappers, what is the problem?

A. Due to safety precautions the motor will cut off (if the user keeps projecting it back and forth) it will not operate for another 15-30 mins. Leave it and use the winder handle to manually project and retract the awning.
B. The receiver box is faulty – remove the cover lid and make sure the LED lights are on when you use the zapper. If it doesn’t light up then the box is faulty.
C. Check the cables are wired in correctly (loose wires etc.)
D. Use the side buttons on the receiver box, if the awning operates then the remote control zapper isn’t correctly programmed.
E. None of the above, motor is faulty.

How far can I operate the awning with a remote control zapper?

Approx 15-20m radio frequency (RF) remote control zapper (also goes through walls)

Can I control how far the awning opens?

The electric awning will stop automatically at the preset maximum extension.
It will also stop automatically when fully retracted. If you wish you can position the awning at any point between max extension and fully retracted by pressing the button while the awning is extending or retracting.